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“Cindy is a brilliant and passionate designer with an unparalleled eye for detail and texture. An opportunity to learn from her is not to be missed! I am thrilled to have had an opportunity to learn from such a gifted woman”
Tjoa Citrawati (Nov,2017)

“During my classes, Cindy extended a session filled with patience and kindness. She and was also very generous with her knowledge of the flowers, i ended up learning more about the details of the flowers i was arranging. It turned out to be very educational!

I took many pictures of the floral arrangements and showed them to my family and friends, they were very impressed with the arrangements and encourage me to pursue floral arrangements further.

Soon i completed my beginner course and moved on to pursue the intermediate course.

In August of 2016, my colleague enrolled me in a floral arrangement competition in Bukit Merah Community Centre.
All the participants except me joined the competition in pairs, i, however, entered as a sole participant. We were only given 30 minutes to complete the arrangement, i was very concerned at first as i felt it was too short a time to make an extensive arrangement. However, i tried my best to remember everything Cindy thought me and went ahead to do my very best in the competition.

To my surprise, i won third prize. I was so incredibly thrilled!, this was so unexpected as the rest of the participant has prettier flowers and the support of a partner. I have gained much confidence after winning the third prize and am very motivated to complete the intermediate course in floral arrangement and to enter more competitions.

I would like to thank my teacher Cindy for patiently teaching me the the techniques and tricks of the trade, and above all else for inspiring me to be creative!

I would strongly recommend for anyone who is interested in floral arrangements to enter into the beginner course with Cindy in Rosebud, it will be both money and time well spent!”

(Member of Civil Service Club)

“The hobby course is a really fun way to spend your time, in a casual setting. Cindy is a great instructor, very friendly and encouraging for beginners like myself. Not only do I get notes for each class, but she would also point out some other types of arrangement that are possible with the same flowers used during the course. She would also allow freedom to create your own decorative arrangements based on what is more visually appealing instead of strictly following the notes. This makes it a lot more fun and allow the individual to develop their own styles. Definitely worth attending!”
Krystina Lim

“Dear Cindy, I have learnt a lot from you through the 2 sessions of flower arrangement classes that you have opened. It was really useful and I just arranged one table arrangement for my office! Love the small class size teaching as I have better understanding and easier communication with you. Really gained a lot of new knowledge about flowers from you. Thank you for the patience and valuable lessons that you have given me. I wish you all the best.”
Carol Er

“Dear Cindy, I love the Hobby Course! I was amazed with my achievement right from Lesson 1, I don’t believe what I have arranged and I felt like a florist each time I complete my work . I have sent some photos to my friends and they commented that I am a potential florist! I will go for the Intermediate Course of course!…”
Sally Loh

“Cindy had 249 students at Groupon last year and she pasted this at her noticeboard. Initially I doubt she could manage. Since I am a flower lover , I signed up for the Hobby Course. She was able to cope up with her busy schedules and I still get her full attention for all 8 lessons. I was satisfied and proud of my work. Each time I brought home ,my husband said they are beautiful and I can be a florist when I am out of job! I am now at the end of the Intermediate course. Guess what? I have done 3 arrangements for my company meeting room and taken 4 orders from friends . I did a centrepiece and 3 hand bouquets and my ‘customers’ are happy with my deliveries!”

“Dear Cindy, I like to share with you that so far the hand bouquet and the fruit basket which you taught me was sold at $40 and $80 when I display it in my fridge when I brought back to my shop. My boss say he will also sponsor me for the fee for Intermediate Course and ask me to go for it, I feel great with this news! The other florist in my shop has left so I better catch up to perform well in the shop!”
Jean Tan